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lol, sometimes i think i should carry around a notebook just for bloggy ideas! Looking forward to seeing those photos ;D

Love love love the kitters, each and every one. Lucy's tummy looks like it is calling for a very luxurious rub! xox


i do love rubbing that silky tummy of hers...when she lets me. She's getting more and more relaxed, except for having to keep an eye out for Junior who thinks she is his personal toy.

A notebook...that's a very good idea. Especially with this ever-shrinking brain of mine!

Hah! I do hope you will be the sort who is properly house-trained, not like one of mine who is beautiful but stupid. XD

Oik!, Maryly...
Gratefully, our Lucy is smart in that department, even when Junior mistakes her use of the litter pan as a reason for play!


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