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Oh, good! YAY for rain!! And that shot of Lady Liberty is from your phone? It did a great job.

i was surprised, too, Lynette. i couldn't tell for sure as i took them. i was impressed when i looked at them at home, even tho they were not as good as this--flatter, less contrast and color sat. So i looked for and downloaded an app that is a better photo editor than the one on the iphone or Instagram. Have to say i'm more impressed with Jo's Android camera for initial photo quality. but, this iphone was a "pass along" from a friend, so free makes it feel like a very excellent tool! :^)

Yaaaaayyy! So glad to hear such wonderful news and that your days of merciless torture and worry appear to be over! Your phone took terrific pictures of your precious family Vicki, thanks for sharing them :D

Wow, isn't a bit of rain falling great after loads of heat? Just to get a half an inch here is a big deal and feels so wonderful!

Thanks for visiting, Janine and Mia!! It was so fun being with family and i'm so grateful that the camera phone performed so well.

yes...i am SO relieved and encouraged after the rain--we are even getting more today.i grew up in the southwest and never felt completely at home there--even tho i spent all of my free time out of doors. Fell in love with the eastern landscape in my teens and left the desert as soon as possible. i can appreciate the beauty in the desert, and treasure many of the images i've made on the few return visits i've made over the years. i just can't live in that climate.

Congratulations: it is fall! XD

Yes...and so very grateful.

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