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zephyr, I'm here from Marly's palace and what a delight your garden is! This is a marvelous interview of Marly, beautifully written and I've learned yet more about our friend. Thank you!

Beautiful! Thanks for posting.

Hi Zephyr! Lovely interview. More interesting stuff about Marly and her book!

Miss Zephyr,

Thank you so much for the lovely post/interview questions! The world is sunny, and I'm going on a picnic, so all is very well...

Marly: My pleasure! And i'm glad you're having a better day.
And thank you, Marja-leena, Rebecca, and Robbi!

Your interview with Marly has intrigued me; I now have yet another blog to discover! I've also spent some time catching up on your posts zephyr, which are all lovely as usual. I only wish we had such beautiful signs of spring here. Alas, we are still getting snow with no greenery in sight!

Waving to Janine--and thanks to all, especially Miss Zephyr.

What a fantastic delving into Marly's world, Zeph! I love how you value her and her work and how fully you express those sentiments.

Oh, that was lovely of Laura to say! Just came by to wish you a happy almost-Easter and thank you again...

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