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Get a little carpet sweeper? They don't make noise, or not much...

awww!!! He's adorable. No wonder you had to bring him home. It's a bit magically reading this peek of his journey into a secure home. I can just see him tearing around the L room. :D

i have a little carpet sweeper Marly, and it does OK...and may continue to rely on it for a bit longer. i am eager, however, to do a "deeper cleaning" before too long.

You would LOVE this little dude, Lynette. i am aching to pick him up. One day he will want it, i think. Last night he slept for about 15 min on the sofa with his head on Jo's knee!! He leans against legs and walks back and forth over our laps and chins our noses (marking us?!?)...but can't bring himself to curl up yet.

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