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Ah, a Southerner never complains over a hot day in Cooperstown. They are too rare. But I notice that there's a lot of whinging going on in these parts. I just remind them that January will be here soon.

Yes, that dragon was very good--actually reminded me of a James Owen dragon.

Why the mislike of Tolkien? Sheer curiosity.

It's not "just" the heat. It's what the accumulation of too much heat during several summers and even a few winters (of the last 20 years) hath wrought... and its terrible consequences.

Tolkein. i read the Hobbit and was taken in enough to begin the trilogy, but found it to be, in a word, boring. Neither the story nor the language "hooked" me. Jonathan was a "Star Wars baby". He identified more with a boy than with hobbits. When the first LOTR movie came out, i went to see it, and was bored again.

Neither Jon nor i favor stories that are that long on darkness and so light on humor.

Clearly, we are in the minority. i no longer care that i don't "get it." Jon never cared that he didn't agree with the mainstream.

If we believe what some say the earth will end in fire--I just assumed all along it would be a spontaneous combustion thing....not a long, painful and drawn out process! Thankfully we have had a model summer and even avoided the forecasted flooding. I picked my first tomatoes today and the beans are doing pretty well. Love you.

Pamela had kept me abreast of your winter weather, and the more than excellent snow pack, Julie...and i watched the news carefully all spring, worried about a sudden hot spell bringing another tragic flood.

Yes...i have always thought it would be--hoped it would be a spontaneous burst of flame.

Every time i complain, i think of family back in the valley and the terrible droughts Utah has endured in recent years.

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