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He looks quite magnificent, who'd have thought he was such little chap!

These are long gone round our way, though sadly they don't seem to do very well here.

What gorgeous leopard spots with his purple! I don't think I've seen these in our area - must be too hot for them. That's the exact color of Devon's prom dress organza. I know I'll be picturing this pretty fella tonight when I stitch again. :)

Hi Lucy, i'm surprised...but that's the way it is with plants. They like to surprise us one way or the other.

Hey Lynette! i think you're right. i think these bulbs need a few weeks of colder weather than what comes your way. i'm eager to see Devon's dress. i'll watch Facebook for your pics.

Just exquisite - we think we're such clever humans - but just look at that. I bought punnets of pansies at the weekend - each of their little faces looks so delicate and hand-painted - intoxicating!

yes, intoxicating! i'm hoping to find some nice pansies soon. The last "surprise" snow storm smooshed all those that were out for sale and now i have to wait for the next round of buds to open.

Well, the aconite and snowdrops and crocuses are going here, at least where they aren't covered with snow...

"George." Maybe you have a career as flower namer ahed of you.

Good to hear you have some spring where you are, Marly. And that is his real name, given by some plant person. Actually, his full name is Iris histrioides 'George'. Even tho he's very elegant in appearance, he's quite down to earth and prefers simple introductions.

Hah! Very cute.

It is supposed to get warm tomorrow. Hard to believe when we had fires in fireplaces last night. But I am glad.

They are saying 80+ for Monday down here. It would make me nuts if it weren't for the fact that it returns to spring the rest of the week.

I am just hoping for spring to get a kick in the pants. And the drifts to melt.

Here's wishing Spring on you, asap!

Daffodils! With some drifts left. Crazy.

Yay for daffodils. You just can't keep 'em down forever.

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