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Lovely messing--the color of Russian olive is so wonderful, and looks so good with forstythia yellow and barn red.

Oh! Lovely - HOW did you do that?

Thank you Marly and Alice.
i used PhotoShop to create the image...and i agree, Marly. The colors are just yummy and the moist light is perfect today for this type of messing.

Lovely bit of pointillism! Amazing you still have forsythia out...

It just opened, Lucy!
i remember when you posted your first spring images i was dumbfounded...since we had 2+ feet of snow still covering our earth! It always amazes me that the south of England and northern France are so mild compared to us, when you are actually on a slightly more northern latitude than we are. One of those remarkable conundrums.

Ooooooh! Absolutely delightful!! Love what you've done! :)

We still have chunks of snow lying about but we have flowers also...

Glad to know that flowers have appeared, Marly. The snow will melt. Hopefully several weeks before it's time for it to start up again!

Oh. Thanks. Really. :(

i'm sorry, Marly! i couldn't resist the joke. Hopefully ALL of next year's snow will go around you next winter and spring!!

Thank you for visiting Wendee!!

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