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Are they up, then? Do you see them? :D

The early-blossoming trees in our area are really stunning right now. Yesterday when I was driving out for the Convention Center, my eyes saw a particularly gorgeous visage of pear trees in full bloom next to a pink tulip magnolia tree, framed so perfectly by the gently-curving road with green, green grass - - It made me think of you and WISH WISH WISH I could snap that perfect shot with my eyes in that fleeting moment. Bliss.

Ah. . . but then the image was lost as my car finished the turn into the cross street, and my eyes lost the vision. It is etched in my mind, still, though. Wish I could slip an SD card into my mind and transfer it for you!

I knew you would understand.

Oh yes, Lynette!!
We were exclaiming to each other for the past few days. But i held off--as you will see--to show photos from Greenwood.

i LOVE your description of your experience, Lynette...and yes, i DO understand, and love the idea of an SD card for the mind :^D If only...

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