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This really resonates with me, I too could never sew like my sisters, who both earned their living in various ways at it, but making things was just so normal at home. I still like fabric shops, but the fabrics are really quite expensive compared with the clothes you can buy, and I'm just out of the way of doing it.

The blouse is beautiful, I'm sure someone will love it.

ah, yes.
Fabrics are considerably more expensive now.
My passion switched to knitting about the time discount stores began offering store-bought clothes of good quality--sleeves and trouser legs that did not shrink in the wash, etc.And now i use the machine mostly for mending.

I remember that blouse! When I saw it, I was inspired to make a blouse myself and embroider on it. Of course, I never became a gifted seamstress and while the blouse did eventually get finished the embroidery part never did.

Oh wow. Love your comment, Juls.

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