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Elegant cat you had... I had a cat who lived 17 years, and I loved her so much! She was a tiny Burmese and was very attached. Yes, they creep inside to stay.

Yes, Marly, yes.

I ache for you - our kitties are not animals, they are fur people who hold such solid places in our hearts. I could not imagine life without their companionship.

I'm so sorry, yet another loss. I'm glad it was a beautiful day.

Thank you for coming by Julie and Lynette.
Yes, "fur people" of the best sort.
And, given that we had a week of "spring snow"...i am even more grateful that it was a beautiful day.

So sorry. It's so hard isn't it? Try to find his continuing presence a solace as much as a sorrow.

I think that you will find that in the quiet places of the house and the sunny patches of the garden Kirby is not very far away.

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