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I'm so very sorry to hear this, Vicki. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts...

It is all true, no need to cling! :)

And P.S. I love that pic...what a cute, chunky baby Jonathan was! :)

Love you, Dawn!

Oh Zephyr, Vicki, I'm so sorry (- and sorry not to have got here sooner). Thanks so much for thinking of me at such a painful time. How unbelievably hard for you and your family. What fine youngsters they were.

It's a great blessing to have such faith as your sister does at these times, though it can't be had just by wishing for it. Hoping is good, I think. I know I am not at the epicentre even of the grief at losing my sister - though each grief is peculiar and they can't always be compared and graded - yet I have found that sadness and joy are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and the former can even give an edge to the latter.

You are in my thoughts; may you continue to find peace and solace in the garden, and in the hearts of those you love.

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