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How heart-meltingly beautiful these images are, Z. Our skies here have been extraordinarily blue, too, for quite a while--which almost makes you forget, for moments at a time, the awfulness of a world gone dry. We're supposed to get some rain today or tomorrow. Please send rainy thoughts.

Didn't thoreau say something about the wholesomeness of being warmed by the sun outdoors in November, as long as possible before resorting to being warmed by the fire?
I'm enjoying the fire today, though, a new batch of logs have just arrived!

Very pretty shot's!! It was 70 degrees here Thanksgiving day too...and I think this is the longest I can ever remember the leaves hanging on, & still having such beautiful color...the last couple of days I have seen a big diffrence in the scenery though...I still have sooooo many leaves to rake..I don't even want to think about it!
Have a great week!

Lovely description of all the images around you. Hope that you enjoyed the holiday weekend (it sure looked like you did)! Cheers!

I love the colors out the window. The golden leaves framed in black...remindes me of the Steelers.

Hi! I'm surfing around. I just *love* your writings. And your pic's and sketches too.

You are so fortunate to have snow. I used to say that 'I don't miss snow, I've had it up to *here*.' But that's not true anymore. It's official now, here on your blog: I miss snow.

Your blue sky is almost the same as the blue sky in Provence ! incredible!
bravo for your photos with lot of spell

Sounds like bliss to me. :o)

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