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Delicious. My best moonflowers ever were in Louisiana, but that was a magic place.

Very beautiful photos and model..
I don't know this flower and I must look for the translation in french..
the leaves looks like the blue morning glory leaves...is it the same family ?
à bientôt

Beautiful photos and flower (unknown for me)
I must discover her french name!!

Beautiful flowers!

Marly: i'm sure your Louisiana moon flower plants were more spectacular...they love the warmth of the south...i'm thrilled when i get even one blossom.

Mireille: i should have included the Latin name, which should help you find the French version, it's simply Ipom0ea alba.

Do they smell as beautiful as they look?
(they must BE scented surely)

Oh yes...! they do have a marvelous aroma

Awww...I LOVE Moonflower's...mine finished blooming several weeks ago...yours are beautiful...don't they smell heavenly?!
Enjoy the weekend!

Stunning flower ~ new to me too. Hopefully I can find it here in Australia. Thanks for sharing yours :O)

Wow the clear crispness of that glowing white with that fresh green!! That looks more like Spring to me than Autumn. :o)

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