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What splendour! I have a huge sock collection of mainly stripy wonders that I wear all year 'round beneath my utilitarian bike boots - these are beauties. You look like you have a little Indian festival going on there (I love pink and orange together).

That was fun--she has crazy Wellies, too.

The female portion of my household is fond of nutty socks.

I have fan-shaped small feet and am always dithering about shoes or wishing mine felt better. I need to do like a wicked stepsister and lop off a toe. But I've been reading the FootSmart catalogue--some uglies but many pretties.

P. S.
Thought I remembered those boots. If you want the same thing in a different color for 50 bucks cheaper, try here: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/6232,96460_Merrell-Spirit-Tibet-Boots-Insulated-For-Women.html.

Thanks guys!!
Elaine...i knew you probably had cute secrets like this
Marly...Thanks for the link...i'm flying off there right now

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