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Great leaf image's!! Love the second shot..such great contrast between the leaf and the slate!
Always an ejoyable visit!!

These are wonderful! Such beauty in simple things. :o)

'caught in a wave of music
as it drifted earthward' that's nice! What a pretty find.

I'm glad you 'saw' this.

Oh, just lovely. So many forget to see the grace in things like this. Thanks for sharing!

as the autumn, your photos are very beautiful,sensitive and nostalgic....
thank you for this poeticism...
P.S:I'm not sure with my "special"english language!?

These are very beautiful.
There is something exceptional about Autumn images; they always "reach" me most of all the seasons.
I have no idea why.
Thanks for the leaves!

Very muted and lovely...

It's pleasant to think of a zephyr handling the dry, dead leaves and being bemused and charmed by their shapes.

Thank you all...such kind words...the mellowing weather makes warm friends even more important...winter is coming.

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