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Oleanders bring back memories for me too. They grew in almost every suburban garden when I was growing up - for the same reasons: drought tolerant, reliable flowerer etc. But then we found out the sap in Oleanders was deadly poisonous and so they went out of fashion for a while which is a shame because they really are beautiful.

They are very beautiful. I have a deep pink one in my Secret Garden and it's blossoms look like tissue paper.

Your image is indeed a 'silk scarf'. I suppose you had better buy a piece of silk and get painting now:)

A row of rose-pink oleanders ran by the beach house my mother rented, and they were in full blow when we arrived. My mother told me that she and her friends used to chew on the leaves--daring fate, I suppose--and try to get one another to suck on the sap. Little barbarians!

The Carolina beach has changed so much since I was a child. The land between dunes and houses is now a scrubby habitat with deer and foxes and raccoons and birds; I saw lots of flowers--mallows and coral bean (is that it?) and a lovely dandelion-ish thing on tall stalks.

Your little tower is quite pleasant. Wouldn't that have made a grand playplace for a child?

i remember that they are poisonous...which makes your Mother a true daredevil in her day, Marly! and i love hearing that there are spits of sand with plants growing thicker and thicker on NC's shore...i keep picturing strong storms and scouring waves.

So many things are poisonous...if we kept all of them out of the garden it would truly be too sterile

H: i must search your blog for images of your Secret Garden!

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