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Man, I love how lush and green that is. Sure, the lily is beautiful, but look at that greenery (I'm from the desert, so sue me).

White and green are so restful.

I've been digging like mad, trying to make up for being away during spring...

Lily Martagon is a lovely name.

Beautiful. My friend sometimes calls me Lily too. I think Lily Martagon is a wonderfully graceful stage name. :o)

Jon: i know you know, that's why i live here. by the way, i want you to know that we've saved some lawn space for a Bimbleton court (on the small side) and lawn bowling (with tree roots thrown in just to make things interesting!) All should be just fine for the October games to begin.

Marly: madly digging
oh yes! i know what that's all about!! as i was away from my garden for two crucial weeks the beginning of May...not the same as an entire month, though...but don't you find things start popping up in the corner of things after such labor?

Terri: a fellow Lily!!
if i were ever to need a nom de plume LM would be my first pick

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