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Ha! I know that wrestling with stuff business - it's been wiping the floor with me since Christmas. Love, love your impromptu windowbox treatment - I'm swapping pots about as tiny daffs go sad and shrivelled, but big daffs and tulips aren't quite ready to pop yet ...

I immediately went large on your lace too - what a fab idea - I always look for old table linen and runners and such and that is such a lovely thing to use them for. Yum!

Hope your tonic worked against the blah!


Your window box looks gorgeous. So cheerful. I'm patiently waiting for the weather to cool down more so I can see some colour in the trees, but so far it's not happening. Crazy seasons. You know sometimes when the blahs hit me and all that wrestling with the big stuff just leaves me exhausted, I mentally pack it all up and shove it in a bottom drawer in my mind and leave it there for the universe to deal with for a while. Just the simple act of letting it go can really help. Hugs.

What a fabulous idea, those twigs glued to the windowbox! I'm sorry you've been dealing with so much big stuff and I hope you've found resolutions and peace in the process. Happy April, dear Zeph!

That is crafty! Much better than plastic. Plastic is anathema to the garden. The curtain is quite lovely.

And the flowers must be the "golden pomp" Herrick was talking about...

Not that I'm an expert on crafty stuff, but I think it's really cool.

Thank you all for you very kind comments!!
And a Joyous Easter or Passover to one and all!

Good job! Heh, it's good that you're spoiling that window of yours - the box and flowers on the outside, and the doily curtains on the inside.

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