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Oh, look at all the wonderful "wren-ness" you have captured here in a few confident lines. Isn't it fun to watch all the sweet little birds returning!

Your little wren is gorgeous. You did a brilliant job of him. Hope that storm leaves you alone.

Well, you claimed that house for yourself, then! Like Thoreau, possessing all the countryside and orchards and woods all around, though he didn't own a thing (except 900 unsold copies of his book.)

Wrens are so sweet, as is yours.

Oh, I told my youngest a story about a mouse, a shrew, an injured butterfly, and Miss Lobelia of Rope Walk--and he pronounced it a very fine story, and wanted to know if it was true.

Hello, helllooooo! My how busy you've been and how horribly lax (and furiously busy - with the emphasis on furious) I have become. I'm still trying to get my new website underway but an avalanche of life has got me swamped. Your wren is beautiful and your photography breathtaking - keep on with your book proposal - Lulu or whatever - your work is absolutely glorious.

p.s. thank you for the namecheck (blush)

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