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Some day is too far away. Make a plan to do it soon or it will always be a 'some day' dream. :o)

you are absolutely right, Terri...but i've got so much else i must put in place first to enable such a plan. So, first steps first and hopefully i can make a realistic plan very soon.

These are so simple and lovely. I wish I could sketchbook - I used to be really into it but now I'm sheets all over the place.

As to your trip - mountains always wait and the sea keeps moving - that's what I tell myself. I also remember how much I miss what I take for granted on my doorstep when I go away. Contrary creatures aren't we :)

Z, we're having internet connection trouble again (am using dialup now) but wanted to quickly comment on these lovely and evocative sketches----they remind me a bit of Sung Chinese landscapes. I am way too daunted by deep, deep space like this to try to sketch it and I applaud what you've done. I'm afraid I owe you an email, btw. Things have been so crazy at my house lately. Will check and make amends if need be, once we get internet back.

As one who lives nestled among these lovely Blue Ridges within a short distance from the Smokies, I say: PLEASE come back and soon. Pull your car off the road. Get out, walk as far as you can, then sit down and sketch.
The combination of your talent and these lovely peaks is likely to yield even more amazing results.

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