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Oh I love your crow! You captured the haughty strut they do so very well. :o) We have Indian Minah (sp?) birds who visit here during the day. They are feral birds - not native to Australia and unfortunately they do a lot of damage to our native bird habitat. My dog, Bloke, has learned to recognize their sound and when he hears them he chases them out of the garden. He raced out the other day only to be disappointed - they'd already flown. I said "where are the birdies?" He looked at me for a sec and then trotted up to my pet cockatiels and told them off with a loud indignant bark. LOL. He's too smart for his own good. Glad to have you posting again Z. I always visit every few days. :o)

Ah Mr Crow! They are looking like nature's undertakers ... we had some try to muscle in on Magpie territory and what a flap and row! They are such characters both - lovely sketch - as is the one of dear, curled-tail golden.

Nice to have you back. I've always loved your drawings.

i haven't been to your site in a while and this is just so refreshing to visit. it's like looking thru a beautiful coffee table book; lots to read, and beautiful things to look at. a real artist at heart in so many ways. keep of the great work. it is so refreshing and a bright spot on a cold day!!

I always love reading what you write and looking at your art, whether it be photography or drawing! I'm amazed at the cat drawing -- so perfect and in so few lines -- so ZEN. And the crow does look like he is determined to be someplace. Great stuff!

What a good caretaker you are for the neighbor's cat and all the birds! I saw your bird the other day and felt it surely housed a person's soul, the way it strides and looks so purposeful and intent. I didn't tell you then, so I'm telling you now. I wonder whose soul it is?

Our view includes a large dead tree that is a vulture palace...

Or perhaps boardinghouse.

Marly...thanks for perusing this garden...and i love the visual, "vulture palace...or boarding house"!

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