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thanks for your comment. I like crunchy towels too. And in winter when we can't dry clothes on the line, I use airers in front of the fire.

Yep, I knitted the socks, but didn't do the embroidery on the pillowslip.

Beautiful gingko photos.

I love gingkos but we don't have too many growing here. I don't know why. There was a stunningly beautiful one in the yard of the B&B I stayed in recently in Victoria (Australia) and as we are in Spring here, this was bursting into delicate lime green shoots. They are simply gorgeous trees at all times of the year. I can understand why the Japanese feel they way they do about them.

Gingkos in full golden glory in the autumn are truly a thing apart. Your words and images are lovely, as always, Zeph.

Beautiful gingkos, beautiful words.

I've got a short list for a tree to plant in my new front yard. My short list just grew by one.

nice to 'meet' you, Zephyr.

You weave a beautiful tapestry for us Zephyr, I just hope that you are well, as things have been quiet around here for a while...hope you're enjoying the garden as much as we are...


Zeph, I went to DC the day after I read this and noticed many, many, many gingkos, all because of you. I'm sure I wouldn't have noticed them if I hadn't just read your post and seen your lovely photo!

oh...THANK YOU ALL...big hugs to each and everyone
(sorry, hopefully i didn't scare you all with sudden outpouring of gratitude and emotion...read next post to understand suddenness of gushiness!)

Bec...yes, gingkos are wonderful...even when young.

Laura...I'm thrilled this post traveled with you!

Suse...welcome and thanks for visiting again.
T...is it still raining? i hope so. Every time it rains here now, i think of you.
B...thanks for checking in and wondering why i have been away so long

Oh, these are beautiful! I was walking downtown (by my work) the other day and found a beautiful golden gingko leaf on the sidewalk -- but not a single gingko tree in sight. It was like a present from a stranger.

All your leave shots are very beautiful!
H a p p y Thanksgiving Vicky!

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