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Thank you for this loving and extremely touching memorial to your sister.

That was a very sweet tribute about your siter. I am very close to my sisters, too.

Concerning the government: what we don't know scares the living daylights out of me.

I am sorry you and yours suffered.

Take care,

What a great tribute to your sister! It made me smile. She sounds like a person who LIVED her whole life -- good for her!

Fantastic entry Zeph - how lovely for a moment to stand in her wake and share such brightness. Bless you for sharing your memories of a lovely lady.


My first memories of Cheri are from Florida when I was a little kid, probably around four years old. Mostly I remember my brothers getting shovels to get a coral snake out of the swimming pool, seeing the space shuttle on the back of its 747, and thinking that Chris' Mr. Potato Head was the coolest thing. Cheri was there, but I hung out with the kids. But the trip my parents and I took to So. Cal to see her is where I really got to know her well. I remember she loved Chuck Norris movies. We took a trip to Universal Studios, and afterward, she recorded some Night Rider episodes for me that were filmed at Universal Studios and included some of the sites that we had seen together. She was a great aunt for a guy to have.

I never saw her display anger or resentment, grief or self pity when she got sick, only excitment for the next place she was going to visit. You could see her discomfort, but only in spite of her cheeriness. I love Cheri, and though she's passed on, I still feel a little bit of her every day when I get in my car, which just happened to be her car, a Honda Prelude. She was known to have a certain disregard for the speed limit-not in traffic, but on the open road. Just one more thing for a car-loving guy to love about his aunt. Oh, and I think my driving makes her proud. We love ya, Cheri!

Thank you! Everyone...Jon, I particularly love it that you took time to share this

Ah, this is sweet. She sounds like a woman of gusto: one of my favorite qualities in a person.

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