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Heh ... I have this game where I say to myself "Over the crest of the next hill ..." or "around the next bend" will be the sea. I even try it in traffic jams. Looks very much like this - I can almost smell it....

Oh that shimmer, it is like mother-of-pearl. Gorgeous. And yes, Elaine, this is very much like the sunshiney place of escape I dream of at stressful times too. Thanks for putting an image to my dream Z. :o)

Oh!...you two
such good friends!!
Hey, here's a great get-rich-slow scheme for us:
screen savers for wind screens
whadaya think...??

just realized the flaw with this one

Like earth, shimmering water and sky, it looks fabulous!

Interesting craquelure effect on the ocean! I do love the glowing blues so very much and the way you anchored them with the crisp ochre. Listen to me! Talking about this as though it were a painting! See, your photos are very rich, complex, and painterly!

thank you as well,
carol and laura
two more friends in the garden

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