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What a wonderful mystery! I had a squirrel once who transplanted at least half of my impatiens from the flower beds to various spots all over the yard (and he did a good job, too -- only one died!) Still, it's doubtful that one could manage tulips ...

I love this. Looks like a painting. Great work.

But don't you love this kind of suprise :) There's a spot near here where people must upend their hanging baskets at year end - amazing what comes up. We seem to have forget-me-nots and violets springing up all over the place this year too - no sign of either one last year (other than the sweet violets I have in a pot). I did see someone scattering seed in a guerilla gardening fashion on the roadside verges yesterday :) Can't wait to see what that was about ...

My mum upended a container of garden cuttings and odds and ends into one corner of her garden once thinking they'd compost down. Twelve months later it was the prettiest corner in the garden. :o) You couldn't repeat that if you tried. These tulips are a gift. Enjoy. :o)

I ordered bright red tulips, planted the bulbs in the fall and when they bloomed the next Spring they were vivid yellow. Sigh.

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