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Ahh, the good old days.

Ahhh ... my one and only Honda was not jazzy-fab, but lived under layer upon layer of matt black paint (indeed it never got washed, only painted lol). It was very goth indeed - to reflect the bike's pitch black heart. Reader, I poured money hand over fist to keep the pig on the road and it would reward me with burnt valves, seized brakes and my very own signature scent of 4 star petrol. I ran screaming into the arms of Mr Kawasaki and his wonderfully over-engineered bikes (my last one nearly made it to twice around the odometer)and have never looked back lol.

I like both of your portraits :)


Holy Cow!
You've had your biker mechanic misadventures!
i love your pink Kawasaki...and if i ever again...
but i'm a bit of a chicken now that we have too many trucks on
our roads...but i still think about i!

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