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Arghhh!!!!! no listen again or podcasts! The BBC has spoilt me forever lol - I shall just have to try and work out when it broadcasts in my part of the world :) And now ... back to rebuilding my workroom.


p.s. Also - big bravo on pushing your boundaries - will explore more once I have something less steam-powered to browse on.

Oh my...
can't quite translate..is the BBC a good thing or bad?
wouldn't know from podcasts, as i'm a dinosaur and no iPod ever sits in these hands.
(don't even own a sirius radio!! Could not and did not listen until they got it on the Internet)
i'm flattered that you'd even consider...as best as i can calculate
there is a 5 hour time difference between US Eastern Time and London. Ask again, if and whenever...

thanks so much for the cheers...pushing boundaries IS what this is!!

This is incredible news!!! Hip hip hooray!! I've just done a lightning-quick look at the other sites and will certainly try to hook up to your broadcasts! I'm familiar with Ken Druse's work but not yours, so this will be a great treat in 2006, this developing friendship. Congratulations on both staying put and venturing out.

Wow on both counts...love the image of the door - such texture, such possibility - and congrats on the new opportunities being presented to you. Grab them with open arms!

Friend of Laura's. Wow, I think this is my most favorite door I've ever seen. Love it.

thank you, all, and welcome! friend of Laura's thank you for visiting i hope you'll come again

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