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I am so eager to have my garden redone so I can sit with seed catalogs, too! I'm going to radically change it---turning a large, mixed border with terrace into a more closed-in space, with more hardscaping, more of a courtyard feel is what I'm aiming for.
Charming drawing of you dreaming and scheming!

be sure to post some garden plans when you start sketching those out!!!

i have one thing to say to anyone contemplating a new garden
well...one thing at this moment in time.
are you familiar with:..
acer griseaum aka paperbark maple
lindera angustifolia?
both are fantastic in the winter garden
cinnamon red-brown peeling bark on the one
fantastic black berries and pale amber leaves that cling until spring when new leaves push them off!
no! i don't yet have photos
maybe i should email you

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