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I can hardly type. This is so beautiful,Z. Is this a place on OUR planet?? If this belongs to you, I will be happy for you forever.

I need to tattoo this into my consciousness so I remember what is important in life and what is not - except I don't want this to be what it feels like when I die - I want to feel 'entire' with here and now . Beautiful, thoughtful piece and the photo complements it perfectly.

Thank you Zeph.

i'm glad you like this piece...yes, elaine, i wish to feel "entire" here and now as well...and laura, how i WISH this was my garden! i live in town, a small town, but it is a town lot nonetheless, in sussex county, nj, usa.
this image was actually taken early one morning looking over my dear friend's back garden fence in west sussex, england... about 15 years ago.
someday, maybe next year when we have done some more work reclaiming our once-neglected, over-grown garden, i will have images to share from my sussex!

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