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Lovely and graceful sketch, Z. We've had so little rain here lately that my garden is really struggling. No coneflowers even. Juat the odd phlox, some straggling dahlias, some roses, a few fronds of salvias, some verbena. I hope the aster novae belgi(sp?) are going to do their thing.

thank you Laura
yes, my garden is struggling as well for want of rain.
irrigation is never as good as the real thing.
i could not bring myself to write another post bemoaning the drought conditions we are experiencing but i'm out there doing my rain dance...which consists of bowing over the hose, picking it up and dragging it to the next thirsty spot.
my coneflowers have passed but i have a few, little
black-eyed Susans reblooming and enough salvias to keep the hummingbirds in the garden...and like you said, a few little roses here and there...cosmos...and the last sunflowers.

I love that painting. So simple, so effective.

I really do like your blog! I'm still new to the whole blogging thing, but I love gardening and I've searched for garden blogs for a few days now and it isn't easy to find good ones. Your photos and pictures are all very good. Keep up the good work!

thank you Ken and Carol,
I have visited your blogs and have bookmarked them to visit often...but I am having trouble posting comments on your blogs.

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