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Such a lovely little essay on wild blueberries. And the spoon is charming, too!


Just fabulous!
I share your fierce secrecy of precious places and delight in nature. Myself and a friend have a secret berry stash (elder and bramble) that no one seems to even see, except for others 'in the know' who love it when someone else has the eyes to discover it too. We all grin vicariously as we scuttle off with our precious cargo (leaving enough for the birds and wildlife to share)just for the sheer joy of it.
It does make me feel sad that only perfect symmetrical food seems to make it into the shops when fruit bushes and trees are full of all shapes and sizes, and so much nicer than the usual clone offerings. A neighbour offered us a carrier bag of fragrant Victoria plums yesterday, a great warm tumble of perfection in small, medium AND large - makes the under-ripe, coccooned-in-plastic offerings in the supermarket look very sad indeed.
More beautiful words please!


Mmmmm...delicious. :o) Love the new blog.

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