June 20th

Something thunderous this way comes

one day, last week
clouds moved in


rumbles of thunder came from the north and east
boiling up cumulus clouds followed
but something odd happened
something i'd not seen before
as they moved into the darker mass just to the east of us
they were instantly swallowed up
it was a bit eerie to see such a dark horizon in one quarter
and a brilliant mass in another.


but all is well that ends well
a good rain
no floods
no one harmed
at least not in our area.

i can't remember how long it has been
since we had one good, harmless, soaking rain
followed by another in just a week's time
"like the good ol' days"
when, last night at bedtime
lightning tickled the sky outside my window
long choruses of thunder grew louder
and i went to sleep listening to rainfall on the roof.

Dear Terri,
every time i think and or post something like this
i beseech the heavens on behalf of Australia

Post script: Sadly, the news reports that communities north of us were drenched with 4+ inches of rain with flooding and destruction. How I wish all of nature could calm itself.