February 10th


winter has returned

our "January thaw"
which typically lasts a week, maybe 10 days
lasted all month.
i admit to feeling betwixt and between
it was so warm
so mild
it was hard to remember that the vernal equinox
is stil many weeks away.

6-12 inches of snow tomorrow night?
that's what the tv people are saying.
it feels like it could happen:
very very cold
birds are busy at the feeders
i'm going downstairs to turn up the thermostat
and check the seed supply.

December 17th


gratefully, the predicted ice storm did not come to us
(and i guess Laura has power, since she could post
on her blog today)
but i must say that when ice does come
(but only a light coating, please!)
it can be truly magical
this was how a weeping willow looked
one winter morning not long ago