New Door


strictly speaking
i should post an image of
a brand-spanking-new door
if the metaphor/symbol/analogy
is to be accurate
but i like this one...
with more than a bit of trepidation
i share the news regarding
the new
open door i recently faced
(and was gently pushed through)
you can read about it here in the blog
i created for the radio show i co-host
with my friend Ken over Sirius satellite

good grief! it is still very weird for me
to say/write those words!
never in a hundred million years would
i have thought about doing such a thing!
(it's all Ken's idea/fault!)

he and i have fun talking, gabbing
about the garden
our cats
the garden
the garden
and when this opportunity fell into our laps
he convinced me that i/we could do it.

our first broadcast was back in November
but we waited to announce it after our
network, Lime, figured out how to get
the live stream working over the internet
(that said, even now, you must open
RealPlayer first to listen)
and, of course, we wanted to wait until
we got into the swing of things a bit.

anyway, that's my new year's revelation

if you chance to listen
please let me/us know what you think
(and please remember that i never ever
dreamt of being any type of performer
and actually prefer hiding away here in
my own garden...i guess the moral of this
story is
be careful what you let your friends
talk you into!)

oh yes
zephyr is aka
vicki johnson
who has also created
another blog for self-promotion of her work
some of which has been seen here
or may appear here in the future.
i'm not finished/satisfied with it, but deadlines
were met

and please know that
if you want regular updates
re the radio show
please subscribe to Ken's newsletter
(via the link above)
for i will not be "pushing" it here

and also know that
my heart remains here
in this garden.