Last light
So far...

Fresh fruit & flowers

It is very cold outside
and will
they say
turn even colder.
And there is a
Winter Storm Warning.
It is to begin gently tomorrow
and end as a blizzard on Friday.

We are as prepared as we can be
i've pulled out my plumpest down comforter
and we still have
plenty of chocolate leftover from Christmas
and milk, eggs, bread and cheese
fixin's for soup and
to reward ourselves after shoveling snow
we could make lemon mousse
or even a little sparkling lemonade
while we are still hot and sweaty.

Because, in the cold front room
where all the potted plants too tender for our outdoor climate
spend the winter
we have two Meyer lemon trees.

We've already harvested 5 or 6 from this one


while the other has clearly adopted a different time zone
and is once again covered in flowers
which fill the room with their sweet fragrance

Lemon flowers

Lemon flowers close

i do love winter
and living in a house with large
south facing windows.


Our winter this year has been very mild in comparison to the last two but I kind of miss a bit of snow - hope your storm isn't too severe. Keep warm.

What beauties your lemon trees are! Do you know the land...

I've read about Meyer lemons, we don't get them in Europe.

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