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Not sure about the hearing thing. Molly, our dog, is as deaf as a post but she always knows and wakes when we're doing something that will result in a treat for her. But your cats are gorgeous.

Here's the thing, Tom: she doesn't show up when i come in with a glass of water, mug of tea, or cup of milk...only when i have bubbling seltzer or a soda. i do think it's the sound of popping bubbles that she is responding to.

That's very interesting.

My goodness, you are the quintessential cat lady! I most definitely would be too if my family would put up with me :)

Sweet, beautiful cats.

Beautiful, sweet cats. We love cats and have had five in past years. They all grew to a ripe, old age and died. We miss them and, no doubt, will have more. A house just isn't the same without them. Your sweeties look well loved:)

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