any day is a good day for telling someone you care...
pretty soon...

it was 8 degrees this morning

and we needed to do a little more shoveling
on the north side of the house
where the blue shadows stay all day.

i came in feeling i deserved some rich hot chocolate
and to explain why i can pass up on hot cocoa
(sorry Marly!)

Please click on the mug
to be whisked to my rave
and a teeny little rant

Bluebird mug blog


I'm going to run downstairs and have some Ghiradelli hot chocolate right now, along with one of Lucy's clemenvilla's! I guess I do drink hot chocolate--it's my children who drink cocoa. But I do use milk, as I have no bones and am trying to make some.

oh, yes, Marly. i do appreciate Ghiradelli in most of their forms.

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