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Yes, there is much that one cannot fix for other people. They really do have to make their own choices. Hard for the onlookers, though...

Blessed Epiphany!

Thank you, Marly, for the blessing. Epiphany was not part of my religious culture and I am glad to welcome it into my experience.

The word "choice" is a tricky one when body- mind chemistry stew goes out of balance--as it is in this situation. So sad. But it was a relief to know in my stewy mind, that any contribution from me would not be helpful. Holding my tongue and taking no action is the right thing right now. A kind thing--even though i was asked to help. It has taken me a long time to learn there is no guilt in knowing the answer is, "no, i can't".

So sorry to hear of family troubles, may you continue to find solace where and when you need it.

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