bored. and boring. so...let's eat!

diary of a sinus infection

Chapter 1: Symptoms
Maybe it's just a cold this time

Chapter 2: Diagnosis
When and why was i hit in the face with a brick?

Chapter 3: The Truth Hurts
Any minute now, my face is actually going to fall off

Chapter 4:The Meds Kick In
The once raging blaze is reduced to smoldering coals
and drainage begins

Chapter 5: Seeing is Believing
Holding several tissues in her hands, the patient blows her nose
then observes:
"Hm. So that's what brain matter looks like."

Chapter 6: It's a Cliff Hanger
Surely all the muck has been expelled
and the barking will end
before one breaks a rib.
5 blessed minutes pass in silence
well, almost
just a bit of a wheeze can be heard.
The patient thinks, "Sleep. Finally, some sleep."
She fluffs the comforter
plumps the pillow.
The cat curls up with a sigh...


brain matter :) lol! yes!

Oh my. Hope you're feeling better! :)

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