diary of a sinus infection
any day is a good day for telling someone you care...

bored. and boring. so...let's eat!

As i continue to work at clearing out the dregs
leftover from the not-so-lovely-post just below
i'm just sitting around
going through old photos


May there always be flowers
the director's desk, in the temporary offices, at Greenwood during all the construction


i seem to be visiting a lot of food blogs.
i can hardly wait to get my hands on some pizza dough
so i can make one of these stromboli
from Dinner: A Love Story*

Just so you know
i have been eating healthy.
The pot full of this wonderful chicken and barley soup
is almost gone
and now that i'm feeling mostly better
i deserve something with pepperoni in it.

*Do you read this blog already?
If not, trust me
if you enjoy dinner
and enjoyable people
it's a good place to find good things
and have some fun.


Glad you are feeling better. This winter has been a bear so far!

Drat. Came back and there's still FOOD at the top. Feeling starved! Just turned down an invite for fish tacos for lunch, alas. Silly me.

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