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i am a believer

Machines do have souls.
i'm convinced.
Some of them are an ornery as can be
and others, well...i must confess...
my dear, reliable Epson printer is my buddy. My partner.
My Good & Trustworthy Friend.
And we've been spending a lot of time together this past week
filling orders for my little calendar.

Sample pages grey

(and i do mean in, it will fit next to your phone on your desk
you can read the specifics here)

That beloved little printer
which was so cheap inexpensive
(it was free with the purchase of a
previous computer)
i thought it could not possibly produce
anything wonderful/last very long
but it has been a rock.
A real trooper.
It has chugged along brilliantly for several years
outliving the usefulness of two laptops, and it's Big, Fancy (and much slower)
Brother of an Epson.
Producing prints so accurate i rarely had to tweak things--in color or b/w.

Sadly, it is beginning to show its age and i can no longer set it to
print a dozen prints and walk out of the room.

One of these days
i'm going to have to...sniff... find a replacement.

Looking at all of the alternatives (in case i need to quickly
make a purchase)
i am not encouraged.
Epson has fallen prey to the pressure and no longer
makes small, good photo printers.
You can only buy their Big Boy Printers for much buckage
or those ghastly "all-in-ones" with so many bells and whistles
that i will never, ever use. (who faxes things anymore??)

And my experience with other printers
(spare me the sales pitches, techy salesboys, about the "cheaper ink" of HP and Canon
my time is worth something to me, too--and how does one count the cost of piles of wasted photo paper and ink?)

i am an Epson girl for life.

My good, dependable partner needs me to
sit with it now
to help keeps its jets in alignment
and give it a rest between every few prints.
Yes, it needs more care
and rest
than ever before.

i know exactly how it feels.
And, apparently
i can't opt for new spare parts either.