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I didn't know him, but I am crying with you. You and everyone he touches are in my prayers.

When things were rough for Jon--prior to the treatments--I started trying to figure out the last time I had seen him. And then it hit me, in all of our years of being in each others lives I never had a chance to meet Jon face to face. It was rather shocking as I have known Jon through you since he was just a kid. The valley created by the movement of this mountain is truly great. I hope you will feel peace and uncover the as yet unseen beauty of the valley. You and J continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh I'm so sorry.



Their very memory is fair and bright,
And my sad thoughts doth clear.

It glows and glitters in my cloudy breast,
Like stars upon some gloomy grove,
Or those faint beams in which this hill is drest,
After the sun's remove...

--from Henry Vaughan, "They Are All Gone Into the World of Light"

A tearstruck post, Vicki: much sympathy.

Yet it is a great thing to have had--and still to have, like "stars upon some gloomy grove," such a dearly loved Boy.

Thank you, Kim and Lucy...
Julie...Really?? How amazing...and thank you for the beautiful words.
You also, Marly...Thank you for this...wonderful.

I am so sorry for your loss.
You have written a beautiful tribute here.

i weep with sweet sadness, for our loss

I am so sorry to have been out of touch, and sorry to hear about this loss in your life. And to think I found out about it when I began catching up on your blog only after feeling sorry for myself because I've been missing your voice in the garden! I'll be thinking about you.

Thanks so much, Wesley Jeanne, Joan and Jeff. i miss you too, Jeff! i promise i'll be back to roaming around and enjoying your blog again very soon...i've been catching up with work as fast as i can.

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