August 17th
August 21st

August 19th

scallop shell
this is a "salt print": on cream Rives BFK

this is a print i made during a workshop where
i learned alternative photo printing processes
in other words, the first photo printing processes.
salt prints were the first version of printing
photographs on paper and the chemicals used were
a combination of, umm, well
sodium "such 'n such" and sodium "this"
i forget
i have the recipe somewhere...but that
is where the term "salt print" comes from.

it is a contact printing process which means that
the size of your negative is the exact size of the
resulting print and since most people
do not own a large format camera
(i dream of having one one day)
the teacher taught us how to make
enlarged versions of small negatives.
the original of this is life size
making the shell approx 2.5 inches tall

to make a salt print you must mix up the
emulsion yourself and apply it to the
paper with a brush
(revealing the artist's hand)
they are photographic prints that
digital tools alone
will never be able to replace.

i've been very antsy
leftover, pent up energy from
the good for nothing heat
i guess.

this morning
while looking around the web
at other blogs i was reminded
of this thing called Photo Friday
it's a weekly challenge to post
an image based on a theme
this week's theme is "one"
so i rummaged around in my
photo archive for something
a little different
and it turned out to be
another image from
neptune's garden
a salt print from the sea

i like this print for several reasons
not the least of which is that
it brings to mind friend edyth
brilliant artist
who taught the workshop.


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